How it works

It's simple!

Pick your bribe (Resource guide, swipe file, checklist, etc) and tell us your website, topic, and the article its associated with. Get a quote. We send you the draft and keep revising until you're happy.

All you have to do is review the bribe, and add it to your site when completed.

What’s a Content Bribe?

Content upgrades and content bribes work! They are touted by big names in the online business space like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Brian Dean of Backlinko, Bryan Harris of Videofruit, and many more.

These content-specific items are the perfect way to increase email sign ups on your site. Offer a checklist of SEO tactics on your blog post for SEO beginners. Let visitors download a species guide on your post about saltwater fishing in Florida.

Whether you need a quick checklist, a 2000 word resource guide, a swipe file, or an email course, our team can get it done. Start optimizing your new and old posts for more conversions.

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The Value of Bribes

Content upgrades turn your readers into subscribers better than any other single tactic out there. I normally experience 20-30% opt-in rates on these bonuses and some have been as high as 62%!

- Bryan Harris, Videofruit

Before implementing the Content Upgrade, that page was converting at .54%. The result? A 785% increase in conversions (compared to the previous month).

- Bian Dean, Backlinko


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