Content Upgrades

Why bother with content upgrades?

You want to collect more emails.

It’s the whole reason you’re here on this site.

You’ve read about content bribes and content upgrades and lead magnets and all the other ways to grow your email list.

And right now, you need some help.

We get it, creating blog posts is already tough enough. Your audience’s attention is precious, and you want to be able to grab it and get your message across.

Getting their email is the holy grail. And the best way to do that is with content bribes.

No longer will someone just hand over their email to sign up for your newsletter, you have to offer them something worthwhile.

“A newsletter” or “the latest news” is not something worthwhile.

But if you’re a vegan baking site and you offer a “Vegan baking pantry checklist” as a content bribe, you’ll get more sign ups than if you just asked them to sign up for your latest news.

Offer something useful to your visitors (on the homepage, in your blogs). Get more sign ups.

It’s that simple.

Why Content Bribes Work

  1. They’re specific to your audience’s needs
  2. They’re helpful
  3. They’re full of valuable information that’s relevant to the article

If you just read a 1,000 word article on on-page SEO, you’ll be very likely to download a checklist of all these tips to use when you’re doing your own on-page SEO.

In this case, a general lead magnet won’t do as well. If the site is about marketing, and the sidebar offers a comparison of the top 20 email marketing tools, you may not be very interested, especially if you had come to the site to learn about SEO.

Why Content Upgrades are important

Needless to say, this professional design makes a HUGE difference in how people perceive the value of my checklist.

When someone receives a high-quality resource in their inbox (like this checklist), they think to themselves:

“Hey, this was pretty cool. I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for their next email.”

And because your list loves what you’re sending them, you’re going to increase your conversion rate over the long-term.

Brian Dean, Backlinko

​I don’t imagine ever producing a piece of content without one now, simply because they work so well and transform normal blog posts into lead generation machines that will keep working for you on autopilot as long as they get traffic.

Authority Hacker

The single most important goal of your blog isn’t to build traffic or get social shares. It’s to convert readers of your blog into email subscribers. Once you take your message to your audience’s inbox, they’re far more likely to return and become your customer.

Audience Ops

Content upgrades are a game changer for the conversion rate of your blog (or any content based site).

But here’s the #1 problem content marketers have with content upgrades: no time. To do them well, it takes time, and to do it at scale it can be oppressively time-consuming.

Grow and Convert

Where we step in

We create the bribe for you. That’s it.

We can go back into your most popular posts and identify the best content upgrade to drive conversions.

We’ll write and design new content bribes for your upcoming posts.

Ebooks, resource guides, swipe files, infographics, checklists, printables. You name it, we make it.

Click here and let us know what you’re looking for